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In this section we present advanced data and information on Advisol filters as well as general information on 3D passive displays.

Filters sizes

Click on the following link to display technical drawings of the filters. All sizes are in millimetres, and tolerances are +/- 0.5mm.
Filters technical drawings

Understanding filter transmission specification

Optical elements manipulate light beams. This manipulation always involves a certain amount of light loss. This loss is quantified in the transmission specification of the optical element. More...

Light intensity budget in 3D cinemas

The perceived brightness magnitude of a projected image is determined by the projector light output, the optical gain of the screen, and the image area. There are two common units for measuring perceived brightness: Footlambert and Nit. More...

Damage in polarizers

Polarizers acquire damage during service. There are two main damage mechanisms:
1. Heat
2. Humidity

Inspection of polarizers

Polarizers should be periodically inspected for bleaching spots. The recommended inspection periods are shown in Table 1. More...

Improving circularly polarized displays

The Advisol circularly polarizing filters will be made from now (June 2009) in 90°/90° configuration. This gives improved ghosting rejection for viewing with the RealD circular glasses.
The following article explains the reasons behind this design change and its significance. More...

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