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What is StereoBright™?

StereoBright is an innovative method for passive 3D projection displays. Instead of using conventional light-choking polarizers, this method uses completely transparent optical elements to create a passive 3d display, so that all precious projector lumens become available for the stereo image. Simple presentation-type 2,000 lumen projectors can be used to create stunningly bright stereo images up to 2.4mx1.8m in size, ideal for boardrooms, classroom and design applications.
StereoBright requires a special stereo content format (switched green panels).

What do you need to set up a StereoBright™ display?

The elements that you need to set up your StereoBright display:
Two LCD projectors
A pair of StereoBright™ filters*
A silver screen
Standard polarized eyewear
PC with dual VGA output
Software that supports StereoBright output format
    (like Peter Wimmer's Stereoscopic Player)

*Click on the following link to receive information on availability of StereoBright™ filters:
Press "send" on the pop-up email as is. This will invoke an autoresponder which will send the availability information to your email.


There are two issues that you should consider before deciding to build your own StereoBright setup.
Image stacking precision
In StereoBright, each mono image is composed of light coming from both projectors. To be more specific, the red and the blue channels come from one projector and the green channel comes from the other projector.
This requires much greater precision in image stacking than in conventional stereoscopic setups. Registration errors in StereoBright display will cause color fringes to appear around sharp edges.
StereoBright setup relies on the native polarization properties of the projectors. Although all LCD projectors emit polarized light, the degree of polarization varies between different projector models. But even with projectors with excellent degree of polarization, the ghosting in StereoBright will be higher than in conventional stereoscopic setup.
StereoBright™ presentation

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