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Polarizing filters classification
Advisol filters names have the format F1F2-F3-F4, where F1, F2, F3, and F4 are four fields:
F1: Filter family
F2: Filter type
F3: Polarization
F4: Lumen rating code

Filter families
POL: Standard polarizing filters
SP: high-efficiency StereoPol™ technology for LCD projectors

Filter types
No type: polarizing filter
H: polarizing filter with AR glass substrate
AR: fully AR coated and encapsulated polarizing filter

L: Linear
C: Circular (DLP only)
CU: Circular (Universal, DLP and LCD)

Lumen rating code
There are four classes of lumen rating:
25: 2,500 lumen
50: 5,000 lumen
100: 10,000 lumen
200: 20,000 lumen

Oredering examples
POLAR-L-100: POL family, AR type filter, linear polarization, 10,000 lumen rating
POL-C-50: POL family, no type, circular polarization, 5,000 lumen rating, DLP only
SPAR-L-50: SP family, AR type, linear polarization, 5,000 lumen rating

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