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Filters are made from glass and are very fragile. Handle with appropriate care.
Glass edge may be sharp and cut bare skin. Use of gloves for handling is strongly recommended.
Most filters arrive with protecting foils on one or both facets. These protective foils must be removed before use.


The filters arrive in matched pairs. They should be mounted identically with the larger dimension horizontal.
In some filters one of the facets is marked "Projector" or "Screen". This facet must face the projector or the screen respectively.
StereoPol™ filers should be mounted with the following side facing the screen:

Polarizing filters generate much heat. High temperatures accelerate filter aging. Therefore, it is recommended to allow enough distance between the filter and the lens so that the beam illuminates at least half of the filter area.


Advisol filters are designed for service of thousands of hours. However, the actual lifetime depends on video content and environmental conditions.
In order to avoid image degradation, the filters should be inspected periodically (see technical note "Inspecting Polarizing Filters for Damage"). The recommended time between inspections is quoted for each filter type.
Cleaning: use a mild detergent and wipe with a soft tissue.

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