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Advisol provides polarizing filters for passive 3D displays since 2001. R&D and production are done in the company headquarters in Herzliya, Israel. International sales and marketing are done by authorized dealers.

Advisol was first to introduce high-efficiency polarizing filters for LCD projectors. These filters are based on Advisol’s proprietary StereoPol™ technology, and achieve ~65% optical transmission, compared to about 40% in conventional polarizers. The use of StereoPol™ filters has a dramatic impact on passive 3D displays design, since it allows the use of much smaller and less expensive projectors to achieve a given image brightness.

In addition to StereoPol™ filters, Advisol manufactures a comprehensive line of polarizing filters for all kinds of projectors used for 3D displays. Advisol makes also customized filter assemblies and mounts.

The unique features of Advisol polarizing filters:

Glass construction for extended lifetime and mechanical stability

High-contrast and durable polarizers

All filters are available in both linear and circular versions

All filters are supplied in matched pairs, ready to use

High quality AR coating

Proven service time of 6,000 hours

Advisol introduced another high-efficiency filter technology for LCD projectors called StereoBright™. To read more about StereoBright™ click on the following link: StereoBright

StereoPol™ filter                             Advisol filter customized to fit Barco lens
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